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I have dealt with Port Macquarie Tuning for the last 13 years, and have complete faith in their work ethics and the quality of the servicing done on several vehicles over that time. Geoffrey on Google Places


I have a black top 20v with Haltec, quads and 272 deg Toda cams, I threw it on the rollers, done a power run and it made 84hp at the wheels, the air fuel was sitting on 10 the whole way through. After a tweak and play my tuner Mike Chad had it singing - it now makes 127 hp at the wheels and now it slides no worries, Slider4Life on AE86DrivingClub


Constantly losing radiator fuel? Take it to my mechanic Mike Chad on Jambali road, look for my car in the driveway. Marshy on RedlineGTI


Highland Green 6.4 litre GT390 Mustang Fastback

The Highland Green 6.4 litre GT390 Mustang Fastback restoration continued, when the car received its wheel alignment and then delivered to Port Macquarie Tuning Services for Dyno Tune and engine run in. It recorded 345 Ft Lbs of Torque at a low 74 kph generating very quick acceleration from standing start as well as in the cruise. The Horse Power available remains constant and the power curve flat until 150 kph and then starts to drop off after 163 kph. The Autolite 4300 carburettor supplied with the car was replaced on the Dyno by a new 670 cfm Holly Street Avenger 0-81670 unit. The car was coming together at last. Fred Nolan, member of the Moree Motor Enthusiasts Club


Mick Chad at Port Macquarie Tuning on Jambali Road has just purchased a brand new dyno. Mick Chad has been around for years, heard some good, and some bad, your choice in the end. Thunderoo on Ford Forums

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